How To Check And Adjust The Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Of Your Toyota Tundra In NJ


You do not need the services of a Toyota workshop or expert to do certain things like checking your ATF. In fact, this is a simple DIY car maintenance you can do all by yourself. You need none special training or guidance to do this. All the information you need is in the car owner manual. Read this manual and thereafter follow the outlined procedures. The truth is; this DIY maintenance will not only save you money but time too. The only difficult task is to identify the type of automatic transmission setup of your car. Once you can do this, you can check and adjust the ATF of your Toyota Tundra. Toyota Tundra has two types of automatic transmission setup. They are the dipstick setup and no dipstick ATF setup.

In this article, we will consider the dipstick automatic transmission setup. So, here is how to check and adjust the ATF of your Toyota Tundra in NJ.

Procedures to check and adjust the ATF of your car

1) Set your Toyota Tundra on a flat surface. Thereafter kick-start the engine and keep it running. Once the engine is running, keep it in idle mode. After doing this, wait for a few minutes until you notice an increase in temperature of the engine.

2) Thereafter, proceed by initiating the parking handbrake. After you do this, cycle all the way through the gears of your Toyota Tundra in NJ. That is; change into the various gears positions by alternating from P to L, thereafter return to P again.

3) After you have completed the above cycle, Begin to check the ATF level of your Toyota Tundra in NJ. To start this process, pull out the dipstick of your Toyota Tundra. Thereafter, wipe the dipstick to dryness with a clean but dry rag.

4) After you have cleaned the dipstick, insert it back into its tube. Thereafter, pull it out again and note where ATF level reflects on the dipstick. Take note if the level of ATF reflects on the hot segment of the dipstick. If it does not, it is necessary to adjust it to reflect on this segment. This is important because you are running your Toyota Tundra at room temperature.

5) Go through your car owner manual to confirm the required level of ATF. If there is a shortage, adjust it with a reasonable amount of new automatic transmission fluid. Avoid overfilling the ATF to prevent incidents of leaks and foaming at your automatic transmission. This will help you avoid any form of malfunction in the automatic transmission of your Toyota Tundra.


There are certain driving practices that could muddle up the AFT measurement of your dipstick. One of such practices is to drive your Toyota Tundra NJ on high speed over a long time. Practices like driving your Toyota Tundra in hot weather and heavy traffic can contribute to this too. So, you need to allow your Toyota Tundra in NJ to cool to normal temperature before you check your ATF.


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