5 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Toyota Highlander NJ

When we decide that it is time to purchase a new or used Toyota Highlander in the NJ area, there are a number of questions that make their way to the forefront of our decision making process. Knowing the right questions to ask about a Toyota Highlander purchase in NJ is just as important as any other step that is going to be taken.

In order to learn everything that we need to know about these types of questions, it is imperative that we read on to find out more. The following questions should be asked at any Toyota Highlander dealership in NJ area before a final decision is made.

1) Used or New?

This is the age old question that must be asked first. There are a number of factors that play into this decision. While some consumers prefer to enjoy the guarantees that come with buying a brand new car, there are others who would rather save money by purchasing an older one instead. A consumer will simply have to decide which aspect of the purchase is most important to them before they proceed to the next step.

2) What Will Be Included In The Warranty Coverage?

In many instances, we will hear the word "warranty" and assume that everything is going to be taken care of from there. In reality, a warranty is not always foolproof and it may not provide the customer with the protection that they truly need. That's why we need to be taking the initiative to ask the right questions about the warranty policies.

3) What About The Additional Fees?

There are numerous additional fees that need to be considered when making a purchase of this magnitude. One of the most crucial questions that is going to have to be asked is whether the sticker price matches the "drive off the lot" price. A wide range of dealerships will place an excellent price on the sticker as a means of driving interest (literally) and this price is not always reflective of the actual asking price.

4) Will The Vehicle Have Resale Value?

This type of question tends to be more general in nature, but it is a very important one for customers that wish to sell the vehicle one day. Customers also like to make sure that they are keeping their options open and no one wants to drive off the lot with a vehicle that is impossible to unload. Gas mileage usually plays a major role in this aspect of the decision making, so be sure to ask about it.

5) Is The Vehicle Safe?

The safety level of the Toyota Highlander NJ is especially important to those who will be using it for work purposes and those who have families to consider. This is a factor that can never and should never be taken lightly. The best dealerships know just how meaningful this aspect of the purchase is to their customers and they will usually try to get out in front of the question. In other words: a top notch dealership does not even wait for the question to be asked.


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