The new Toyota Tundra in our inventory at Toyota World of Lakewood comes equipped with an i-Force V8 engine that gives you the power you need to tow a heavy load behind you while maintaining a proper speed driving on the highway. With the engine comes active traction control which helps you by applying the brakes to your wheels when they start to slide on the pavement due to slippery weather conditions. If you live in the Lakewood area in the winter, you will truly appreciate this feature.


Powered by AT&T, the Toyota Tundra comes with a 4G LTE WIFI hotspot that can connect up to a maximum of five devices at a time while driving to your favorite destinations.

Push Button Start

To start your Toyota Tundra, all you have to do is have your key fob in your pocket and simply press the push start button and wait for the engine to roar.


With your new Toyota Tundra, you can connect to a variety of different apps like Service Connect, Remote Connect, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto with just a quick touch of a button.

Safety Features

Blind-Spot Detection- This safety feature is very beneficial to have as it will alert you the second a vehicle approaches your blind-spot while you are changing lanes on the highway.

Rear Vision Backup Camera- With a rear-vision backup camera, you will easily be able to see all obstacles and vehicles behind you while reversing your Tundra.

Airbags- The new Toyota Tundra comes with a standard 8 airbags to ensure that you and your passengers are protected during a rollover or collision.

The Toyota Tundra at Toyota World of Lakewood has a great blend of features, and it's something you'll be happy to drive. Visit today to test drive one for yourself!

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